Must Do Activities when Holidaying in Rainbow Beach for 2020

Rainbow Beach is such a wonderful town and yet it often gets overlooked by those who are in a rush to reach Fraser Island. When you are on holiday in this part of Australia, whether traveling solo or holidaying with kids, you will want to spend at least a couple days in Rainbow Beach.

There are many reasons for this, but let’s start with a plethora of things to do, amazing views, and friendly people. Of course, once you get there, your list of reasons to visit will grow even more. Whilst some activities will cost money, there are far more great activities that are free to do.

Our pick of must-do activities at Rainbow Beach

Most of the activities to do in and around Rainbow Beach are easily accessible from your hotel or holiday house accommodation. Some will require a short drive, whilst others are walking distance.

1. Hike over to Double Island Point

It will take an entire day to do this hike, but it is the best way to see historic lighthouse telegraph lines, coastal dunes, and lots of wildlife. You can get the amount of time down by driving there and then taking a four-wheel drive for a ride along the beach. However, the views just won’t be as amazing!

2. Go Diving

The best place to go diving when visiting Rainbow Beach is over at the Wolf Rock Dive Site. The dive site is a marine sanctuary that is conveniently located over by Double Island Point. Diving here is perfect at any time of the year. However, if you visit during the months of May through October, you will see humpback whales along with all the other marine life that is usually there. Don’t worry if you miss the humpback whales though, because you will still see plenty of grey nurse sharks, zebra sharks, bull rays, and eagle rays when you are underwater.

3. Go Swimming at Seary’s Creek

If you do not mind driving a little way from Rainbow Beach, you can do a little swimming at Seary’s Creek. You must walk along the boardwalk to reach the swimming hole. However, that walk will have you experiencing the true beauty of the area.

4. See the Coloured Sands

The Coloured Sands are considered the most famous, and popular, attraction in Rainbow Beach. Depending on when you visit, you may see up to seventy-two different colors within the Coloured Sands. This attraction is approximately a thirty-minute walk from the beach. You will know you have reached the Coloured Sands when you get to the massive cliff of colored sand.

5. Have fun at the Carlo Sand Blow

The Carlo Sand Blow is another massive sand dune, but this one covers fifteen hectares of space. When you are visiting this sand dune, you can see panoramic views of the Coloured Sands, as well as the entire coast between Double Island Point and Inskip Peninsula. One of the best times to see this attraction is when the sun is setting over Tin Can Bay. Your visit must include a little sandboarding or at least a little rolling down the dunes, so make sure you stay is long enough to get it all in.

6. Learn how to surf

You can’t spend any time in Australia and not learn how to surf. While most beaches offer incredible waves, the beach in Rainbow Beach has more manageable waves for those beginner surfers. Rainbow Beach also has the longest surf break in the country, so it is much easier to catch a wave.

7. Wander Around Cooloola National Park

Cooloola National Park is at the southern end of Great Sandy National Park. You can wander around to see the open wetlands or relax on one of the sandy beaches. In between it all, you will see more wildlife than you can count. Don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch, because the Bymien Picnic Area has everything you need for your best picnic yet.

8. Visit Fraser Island

Yes, you must go over to Fraser Island when you are on holiday in Rainbow Beach. The island is known as the biggest sandbox in the entire world. The water surrounding this island is known for being filled with jellyfish, so swimming might not be in your best interest. That doesn’t mean you have to skip the sand though. Just use caution to avoid the jellyfish and any other animals you shouldn’t get to close to.

9. Go for a ride of a Glider

Many people love seeing Rainbow Beach from a different vantage point and riding on a glider is the perfect option. While you are up near the clouds, you will see sights that include the Inskip Peninsula, Double Point Island, and the Coloured Sands. You will have an amazing time during your ride and won’t ever want to go back down to the ground.

These are the nine must-do activities when holidaying in Rainbow Beach. There are so many other things you can do during your visit though, so make sure you leave time to add a few things in once you arrive.

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