Best Things to Do in Rainbow Beach for Free for 2020

The charming town of Rainbow Beach can be found over near the base of the Inskip Peninsula. Many people arrive in this town prior to their trip out to Fraser Island. However, there is so much to love in this part of the country, you might want to give it a little extra love when you are in the area.

Save $ with these 8 free Rainbow Beach activities

Spend time at the beach

Spending time at the beach is one of the best things to do while in Rainbow Beach. You will find the beach down at the end of Main Street, which is often a short stroll from hotel accommodation and Rainbow Beach holiday houses. The sand is sparkling white, while the water is a shimmering blue. It is very safe to swim at this beach, because there are hardly any waves. There are always quite a few people there, thanks to the swimming and the fact there are lifeguards keeping an eye on everyone in the water all the time. However, you should still be able to find a space to call your own whenever you decide to visit.

Check out the coloured sands

Coloured sands are massive striped dunes that can be seen at Rainbow Beach. They begin at the cliffs on the beach and go all the way to the water of the ocean. The stripes were formed from the sediment being exposed to coastal winds for so many years. It will be a long walk to reach these coloured sands, but the journey will be worth it when you see them for the first time. Of course, you can take the easy way out and drive there, but that takes away some of the fun!

Discover the Rainbow Stairs

The Rainbow Stairs appeared all colorful back in 2018 as part of the Pride House Commonwealth Games. These stairs had been used quite often by the locals, as well as tourists. There are only six colors of the rainbow on the stairs, as a tribute to the LGBTIQ pride rainbow. Some people love the stairs being painted, while others want them to be plain once again. Hopefully, when you take the time to visit Rainbow Beach, these stairs will be just as colorful as they have been for a couple years now.

Go fishing

Fishing is a popular activity in Rainbow Beach, because the fish are so plentiful. There are two amazing places to fish in Rainbow Beach and they are at the beach to the north of the Surf Lifesaving Club and over in the deep channel right off the Inskip Point. While you can catch almost any type of local fish, the ones you will see on your line the most include the tailor, dart, whiting, and jewfish.

Experience the local nature

Right on the outskirts of Rainbow Beach, you will find the Great Sandy National Park. This park is home to freshwater lakes, ancient rainforests, massive sand cliffs, and an abundance of wildlife. A day in this area can be spent hiking and swimming and neither one will cost you a dime. The Bymien Picnic Area is perfect for picnic lunches or even those later in the day snacks.

Watch the dolphins play

There are so many places in Rainbow Beach to look out towards the water to watch the dolphins play. One of the best places to do it though is over at Tin Cay Bay. That is where you can jump in the water to swim and play with the dolphins.

See the whales

There are many whales in Rainbow Beach during the months of May through October. The beach in Rainbow Beach is one of the best places to watch these whales as they swim around in the water and mate. You must plan your trip to Rainbow Beach carefully if you want to experience this free activity. But it will be worth it to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Visit the Carlo Sand blow

Carlo Sand Blow is a massive sand dune that is in Rainbow Beach. You must drive to this attraction, but once you are there, you will definitely see that the drive was worthwhile. One side of the sand dune goes towards the town, while the other leads directly to the beach. A visit here will have you watching the sand change colors, as the wind blows, and the waves roll in. Make sure you take a lot of pictures and take the time to do a little sand dune boarding, which is similar to snowboarding.

These are eight of the best things to do in Rainbow Beach for free. All these will allow you to save money within your travel budget when you are on holiday in Rainbow Beach. While you don’t need to do them all during your visit, you will find that each one is so amazing, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to!