Top Nighttime Activities in Rainbow Beach for 2020

Rainbow Beach is not as well known as some of the other towns in this part of Australia. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to sit in your holiday house or hotel room all day, and all night, when you decide to visit. There are plenty of things for you to do during the day and a good amount to add to your list for nighttime. That means you can spend more time having fun and less time chilling out and relaxing on your bed.

Our pick of some great nighttime activities to do around Rainbow Beach

Enjoy a romantic dinner

There are not a ton of restaurants in Rainbow Beach, so you are not going to have too many options when it comes to romantic dinners. However, dinner at Arcobaleno’s will have you sitting under fairy lights and eating some delectable seafood. Don’t forget dessert when you are there, because sometimes that’s the best part of the meal.

Go on a romantic drive

You can go almost anywhere for a drive in Rainbow Beach, but not all your options are going to be romantic. The best romantic drive can be found between Rainbow Heads and Noosa Heads. This area is within the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park. Along the way, you can stop at the sandy beaches or the coastal forests. Take advantage of these stops to keep the romance alive.

Relax at the Surf Lifesaving Club with a Drink

You may think that the Surf Lifesaving Club is all about the surfing, but you can grab a drink or two there as well. Simply head over there at the end of the day, order your favorite cocktail, and relax as you watch the sun as it sets.

Watch the sunrise or sunset at the Carlow Sand blow

The Carlo Sand Blow is an amazing area that you can visit at any time of the day. But it is best to be there early in the morning as they sun is coming up or later in the day as the sun is going down. The sun at those times of the day makes the sand dunes sparkle. Plus, the colors of the Coloured Sands, which are visible from this spot, are even brighter as you look out over them.

Take a beach horseback ride

You can easily go on a horseback ride on the beach during the day. However, did you know that you can also take nighttime horseback rides on the beach? It is completely possible, but the best times to do them is when there is a full moon. You don’t even need any horseback riding experience before you go on any of these rides, because they will share everything you need to know before you head out.

Stroll along the Wildflower Walk

The Wildflower Walk is over by Tin Can Bay. The wildflowers are best in the spring, but they do bloom all year long. You can do this walk during the day, but the flowers shine even more later in the day when the sun is trying to set. This is one of the more romantic ways to end your day.

Enjoy a walk along the beach

Whether you choose to walk along the beach as the sun is setting or once the moon is high in the sky, this is one of the better nighttime activities in Rainbow Beach. You can easily do this walk every night you are in the area and each night will bring some unique experiences. The best part is you can do your walk earlier one night, later the next night, and somewhere in between a few nights later. There is no best time to do this nighttime activity, which is perfect if you are running behind with your list of things to do one day during your holiday.

These are the seven top nighttime activities in Rainbow Beach. While there is not as much to do in this location at night like there is in some of the other nearby towns, you will never lack for things to do. If you are struggling to find something that piques your interest, you should take the time to talk to one of the locals. They can easily point you in the right direction and tell you their favorite things to do once the sun sets in Rainbow Beach. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many other things you can learn about from the locals during your visit.

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