Guide to having an enjoyable beach holiday for 2020

Wanting a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? What better place to head to than the beach! Here’s some top tips to make sure your beach holiday leaves you refreshed and revitalised:

Top 5 tips for a great holiday

1. Plan where to go

The first step of course, is planning where you want to go. Yes, you want to go somewhere with a beach, but where that will be will depend on your specific needs. Are you going on a romantic trip with your significant other? Is so you will probably want somewhere that will be quieter and more relaxing for the two of you to enjoy each other’s company.

Have a look at places that do not allow children, or hotels that have an age limit to the kids they allow to stay, such as 16+, to ensure that your stay is a more peaceful one. On the other hand, if you are going for a family vacation and are taking the kids with you, you’ll want to look at hotels that are kid friendly and perhaps those that have some activities to keep them entertained, such as a kid’s club. For older kids, have a look for hotels that have interconnecting rooms. This is a good way for the kids to have their own space, but also allows you the peace of mind that they are only an adjoining door away. It is also important that you pick a location where there are a few more activities to do in the actual location you are staying.

Your kids might love the beach, but it’s always good to know there are other available activities should they get
bored of the sun and sand.  If you are heading off on your holiday with a group of friends and wanting to stay
together, look for hotels that cater to larger groups. Generally most hotels will have a maximum capacity of four to a room, however if you need more space you could look into hotels that have interconnecting rooms, or a villa style accommodation which may have multiple bedrooms so everyone has their own privacy, yet can come together in the lounge room.

2. Don’t forget the little things

As you have probably experienced previously, it’s the little things that can sometimes make or break a trip. Not bringing sunscreen with you can lead to a day or two where you inadvertently think, “it will be fine just this once” and then you have ended up with sunburn and a reluctance to step out onto the beach again for days! Make sure you’re prepared for these kinds of instances by writing a packing list before you depart for your destination. Never underestimate the power of a waterproof jacket on a tropical rainy day, or a good pair of sunglasses to stop you squinting while looking at the beautiful beach in front of you.

3. Plan things for days that may not be so sunny

When you are planning your beach escape your focus is never on the days that may have less than ideal weather conditions. Nevertheless, it is important to prepare for those days so that if they happen, you’re not stuck bored not knowing how to pass your time until you can get back into the ocean! Make sure to take some reading material with you, whether they be magazines or novels. It’s always so much easier to get stuck into a good book when you don’t have to worry about the day to day stresses of everyday life. Additionally, if you are travelling with others, whether it be your partner, family, or friends, it is always a good idea to bring some travel friendly games with you as well. Never underestimate the ability a deck of cards has to turn a night in the hotel room, into a great games night to be remembered by all.

4. Don’t forget to actually go to the beach!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the convenience of a holiday, having access to each meal just downstairs, in-room massages, and your room cleaned every day, that we can sometimes forget to even leave the hotel! You may have wanted to escape for a beach holiday but on day four of your five-day trip, may suddenly realise that you have been using the pool because it’s just so convenient, and only visited the beach once on your first day there! Make sure you take in all of your surroundings, and don’t leave with regrets that you should have ventured out further than 10 meters from your hotel room!

5. And most importantly….Relax!

You are here to unwind, so remember that not everything has to go to plan! There may be hiccups during your holiday that you didn’t plan on, such as bad weather, or a lost pair of sunglasses, but it’s important to put that aside and do what you came here to do… relax!

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