Best Holiday Activities for Kids at Rainbow Beach for 2020

Vacationing with kids is so much fun, as long as you plan enough stuff to keep them interested during your holiday. We all know that kids love to be kids, so they want to have fun and not learn anything when they are spending time with you. However, there are many ways you can get them to learn something without them even knowing they are learning.

There are many learning options when you are on holiday in Rainbow Beach, but there are also many ways you can simply have fun at the same time.

Our pick of the top holiday activities with kids

1. Kayaking with dolphins

Unless you have really young kids with you, it is possible to go kayaking with the dolphins when you are in Rainbow Beach. You must head over to Double Island Point to do this activity, but the trip is worth the experiences you will have. If you plan your trip well, and are in the area between May and October, you may find yourself seeing whales along with the dolphins.

2. Horseback ride on the beach

Riding a horse on the beach is an incredible experience and one you and your kids won’t want to miss. You can do this activity during the day, but you may want to consider a moonlit ride if you think your kids are up to the challenge.

3. Hike to the lighthouse

There is a lighthouse over at Double Island Point and you can easily hike to it during your holiday. The hike is not that long, so kids of all ages should be able to tackle it without an issue. And since it is not too far, you can carry them if you must. Once you reach the lighthouse, you will be rewarded with gorgeous views of the Coloured Sands at Rainbow Beach, Noosa Heads, Wolf Rock, and Fraser Island.

4. Go sandboarding at the Carlo Sand Blow

Carlo Sand Blow is a spectacular area, but expect your kids to love it even more than you do. While you will love the panoramic views you see, your kids will love the fact they can roll down the sand dunes or do a little sandboarding. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sandboard, because there are usually ones left behind by other families. If not, someone else visiting will be more than happy to share their board with your kids. You may want to try this activity yourself to bring out your inner child!

5. Take everyone Four Wheel Driving

There are a couple different places where you can go four-wheeling as a family. While you won’t want your kids to drive a four-wheeler on their own, unless they are old enough, you can drive them around on one. The best place is over on Fraser Island, but the places where you rent four-wheelers can tell you exactly where you can and can’t go.

6. Go Fishing

Fishing is popular with kids, because they get to use worms and swing a fishing pole around. As you are ducking their not-so-good aim, you will be amazed at how much fun they are having trying to catch a fish or two. The good news is that if you do catch some fish, you can cook it for your dinner that night.

7. Spend the day at the beach

No kid is going to turn down an entire day at the beach, so make sure you have an entire day planned on your itinerary. Your whole family can spend the day swimming, taking long walks on the sand, and even building a sandcastle or two. There are many beaches at Rainbow Beach to choose from, so you will want to determine which one will meet your needs for that day.

8. Enjoy a picnic at Cooloola National Park

There might be a day when no one in your family feels like doing much, but the kids still need to get some of their energy out. A perfect spot for all that is Cooloola National Park. You can walk around the woodlands and beaches, before settling in for a picnic at the Bymien Picnic Area. If you get a burst of energy after you eat, you can tackle the Dandathu Circuit. It will lead to Poona Lake and the lake’s beautiful views.

These are the eight best things to do when holidaying with kids in Rainbow Beach. You will find that your kids will love doing almost anything when they are in this part of the country, so you will never need to deal with them being bored during your holiday.