Must Do Activities when Holidaying in Wollongong for 2020

The town of Wollongong in Australia might be small, but it is packed with numerous things to see and do. You could honestly spend many days on holiday in Wollongong and still not have time to enjoy everything that is on your list of must-do activities. This is common and you will want to simply do your best and tackle those must-do activities before anything else on your itinerary.

10 Must-Do Activities when Holidaying in Wollongong

1. Visit the Nantien Temple

The Nantien Temple is a Buddhist temple that is quite impressive. So much so that the temple is also called Southern Paradise. A visit to this temple will have you participating in the different activities and seminars that are held there throughout the year.

2. Visit the Australian Motorlife Museum

This museum is a must-see by those who love old cars. The inside is filled with older vehicles and motorbikes, as well as radios, lawnmowers, pumps, and so much more. This entire place will bring history to life in front of your eyes.

3. Visit the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society Museum

If you are not a fan of old cars, but love aircraft, you will love spending some time in this museum. There are many different types of aircraft to look at, but the most popular ones include the F-111, Neptune Bombers, and the World War II C47 Dakota troop carriers. An abundance of history is scattered throughout this museum and you will love seeing how technology has helped improve aircrafts over the years.

4. Take a Walk Through Grevillea Park

There are many paths leading through Grevillea Park, and you can walk along them all during your visit. While long walks and picnics are part of this park adventure, there are twelve times during the year that are better for visiting. Those times are when special gardening shows are taking place. Each show offers insights into one of the twelve different native plants that grow within the park.

5. Do a Little Shopping in the Many Markets in Wollongong

There are a few different markets to do a little shopping in when you are on holiday in Wollongong. One of the favorites is Eat Street Markets, which is held on Thursday nights. This is an excellent market for learning about the local cuisine and trying a lot of it out. The Friday Forage Market is held on Fridays and it is known for so much more than food. That market is where you will find jewelry, handmade soaps, and clothing.

6. Take a Day Trip to the Kiama Blowholes

The Kiama Blowholes might be approximately forty minutes away from Wollongong by car, but they are one of the best must-do free activities in the area. There are two blowholes in Kiama, and they were formed more than two hundred fifty thousand years ago. The largest one is the most impressive with the two-and-a-half-meter opening allowing water to spurt out thirty meters up in the air.

7. Visit Trainworks

Train-lovers will love seeing everything that is inside Trainworks. This railway museum has more than one hundred different historical items on display. It is best to take a picnic lunch or snack, because you will spend more time here than you think. If your kids like trains then this is a great kids holiday activity that will be sure to keep them occupied.

8. Wander Through the Minnamurra Rainforest

The Minnamurra Rainforest is located inside the Budderoo National Park. A visit to the rainforest will have you hiking around to see the gorgeous views and the spectacular waterfalls. If you are not keen to all that walking, you can glide down the Minnamurra River in a kayak during a guided tour instead.

9. Go Surfing

There are many different beaches in Wollongong and many of them are perfect for when you are going to want to learn how to surf. Of course, if you are already a surfing expert, you can simply swim out and catch the next wave. It is best to choose a calm day when you are learning to surf on Wollongong’s beaches. However, the surfing instructors will make sure you stay safe, as you learn how to conquer the waves that are coming your way.

10. Go Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is a fun activity and it is best done from Bald Hill when you are on holiday in Wollongong. You will find Bald Hill over in Stanwell Park. When you are ready to hang glide, you basically jump off the cliff and feel the exhilaration as you see the panoramic views all around you. Time will seem to fly by and you will be landing on the ground long before you are ready.

These are the ten must-do activities when holidaying in Wollongong. You must make sure these are on your list when you plan out your itinerary. However, be prepared to leave some free time in your schedule. You may need it when you find something else you want to do when you are visiting Wollongong.