9 Great Nighttime Activities to do in Wollongong for 2020

As you are planning your holiday in Wollongong, you may think that there is only a plethora of things to do there during the day. But a little extra research will show you that there are so many different things for you to do in this town once the sun goes down for the day. The best part is that you won’t need to sacrifice your sleep or downtime to enjoy even a small part of it during your stay.

Top Nighttime Activities in Wollongong

1. Enjoy a Nice Dinner

There are so many places to eat dinner when you are in Wollongong. If you are looking for something unique, you may want to consider having a meal at Dagwood’s. The Japanese posters on the wall will have you questioning if you are still in Wollongong and the food will have you doing the same thing. Each night of the week offers a different international specialty, so you will want to check those out prior to your arrival. Don’t forget to order a cocktail or two, because this restaurant serves some of the best cocktails in town.

2. Enjoy a Night at a Pub with Some Live Music at the Bulli Heritage Hotel

The pub at the Bulli Heritage Hotel is still old-school, so you will feel as if you have stepped back in time during your visit. As you are enjoying your pint and traditional pub cuisine, you will have the chance to listen to live music most nights.

3. Check Out the Illawarra Leagues Club

This club happens to be the second oldest club in the world, and it is a must-visit attraction when you are in Wollongong. You can visit at any time, but the evening is the best, especially if sports are on. After you walk in, grab a beer, order some food, and then watch whichever sport is your favorite on one of the televisions.

4. Take a Walk at the Beach Cove Belmore Basin

Long walks along the boardwalk at Beach Cove Belmore Basin is a must on any night in Wollongong. You can look out at the water, which will glisten under the moonlight, or watch the boats as they come in at the end of the day. There are many benches scattered about, so you can sit down and relax if you are too tired to walk. Overall it’s a great free activity to do in Wollongong.

5. Drink the Night Away at the Howlin’ Wolf Whiskey Bar

The Howlin’ Wolf Whiskey Bar is where you will find the largest selection of whiskey and craft beer in Wollongong. You can taste your way through the menu while listening to local musicians and comedians. The prices are reasonable too, so you may find yourself here more than once during your holiday. That could be good though, because you will have many more friends when it is time to return home.

6. Watch a Performance at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

Concerts, plays, and so much more are offered at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. The seats inside all offer unobstructed views of the stage, so you will never miss anything going on during a performance. There are many restaurants nearby too, so you can really make a night out of it during your holiday.

7. Spend Time at One of the Lighthouses

There are two lighthouses in Wollongong, and you will want to spend time at one of them at night. It is easy to walk from the North Wollongong Beach to the Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse and back again, even in the dark. It is best to arrive at the lighthouse just before the sun sets, so you can capture the gorgeous views in your photographs.

8. Grab a Bite to Eat at Eat Street Market

Eat Street Market is open every Thursday night and it is the best place to grab a bite to eat. As you are eating all types of delicious foods, you can listen to how people create their recipes and the stories behind each recipe. This is one of the best places to dine on seafood in Wollongong, so make sure you get there on Thursday night during your stay.

9. Have a Few Laughs at Wollongong Comedy

Wollongong Comedy is a local comedy club that offers performances by top-notch comedians from all over Australia. You never know who you might be seeing during your visit, so add it to your itinerary for a little extra stress relief during your holiday.

These are nine of the top nighttime activities in Wollongong. You don’t need to have all of them on your list of things to do in Wollongong, unless you are planning on staying for more than a week. But you can choose the ones that interest you the most, so you can check them off your list during your visit.