Top 9 Free Activities to do in Wollongong for 2020

The quaint town of Wollongong can be found approximately eighty kilometers to the south of the city of Sydney. This town may be small, but it is filled with all the amenities people like yourself expect when they are traveling. While you can spend your days at the local beaches, you will quickly discover that there is so much more to do in this area of the country. The best part is that so many things are free to do and enjoy, so you won’t go over budget during your holiday.

Our top things to do in Wollongong for free

1. Head Over to Mount Keira Summit Park

Mount Keira Summit Park may be free to visit, but the views it offers of the entire area of Wollongong are worth a million bucks or more! It is best to venture to the escarpment, because that is where you can see the incredible views. A couple of the best views include Five Island, Royal National Park, and Lake Illawarra.

2. Check Out the Activities at the Local Library

The local library in Wollongong is the perfect place to learn new skills or enhance the ones you currently have. There are many different activities held at the library throughout the year, so check out the schedule for the time you are planning on visiting.

3. See the Views at the Sublime Point Lookout

The Sublime Point Lookout can be reached by walking along the Sublime Point Trail. This trail is eight hundred fifty meters long. It can take you almost an hour to do the walk. However, once you reach the lookout, you will be rewarded with views of the rainforest, beaches, and the water off the coastline.

4. Go Swimming in One of the Rock Pools

There are nine rock pools in Wollongong, and you may want to check them out and do a little swimming when you are there. While each one of the pools is amazing, most people prefer the North Wollongong Rock Pool, which is also known as the Gentlemen’s Pool. You will find this rock pool near North Beach, so add it to your list to do both in the same day.

5. Wander Along the Blue Mile

The Blue Mile goes all the way from Stuart Park to Wollongong Golf Club. You can choose to walk along this trail, but you will see many people riding their bike along it as well. Along the way, you will see a lot of public art, as well as signage that points out much of the local history.

6. Visit the Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse and the Flagstaff Point Lighthouse

The Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse has not been operational since 1974, but the Flagstaff Point Lighthouse still is. While you can visit these two lighthouses during the day to see the views out over the Wollongong Harbour, it is best to visit at night. While the Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse is not used, there is still a decorative light inside that glows on special occasions.

7. Take a Scenic Drive to Sea Cliff Bridge

You will find Sea Cliff Bridge along the Grand Pacific Drive. This is one of the best places to watch the whales when they are migrating through these waters from April through August and September through November. If you are not in Wollongong during that time, do not think that you should skip over this attraction. There might not be whales swimming in the water, but the rest of the views will still be present.

8. Wander Through the Wollongong Botanic Garden

The Wollongong Botanic Garden is inside the University of Wollongong. This garden is filled with plants and flowers. There is plenty of space to wander around and you may happen to be there when a special event or activity is taking place. During your visit, you will want to take one of the many tours that are available. However, make sure you leave a little time, so you can spend more than a few minutes at the duck feeding pond.

9. Walk the Wollongong Heritage Trail

The Wollongong Heritage Trail shares the history of Wollongong. There is a map, as well as information about all twenty-three attractions you will see during your walk. The entire trail takes approximately ninety minutes to complete. However, it may take less or more time, depending on how long you spend at each stop.

These are nine of the best things to do in Wollongong for free when you are visiting there on holiday. You should include them all in your itinerary for your next holiday in Wollongong. While they won’t fill all your time in this beautiful town, they will give you enough options, so you can stay on budget while away from home.