Best Beaches for Swimming at Rainbow Beach for 2020

Rainbow Beach might not be a huge town, but that doesn’t mean there is not a lot of options when it comes to the best swimming beaches. You will have more swimming beaches than you thought possible when you are on holiday in Rainbow Beach, the main beach being a short stroll from the main street. The great thing about swimming is it is free and a perfect activity for the whole family.

Our pick of the top swimming beaches

1. Rainbow Beach – Main Beach

Rainbow Beach is twenty-three kilometers long on Wide Bay. It creates a curve between Inskip Point and Double Island Point. Most of the beach areas face to the north, while a couple areas are facing the east and northeast. The town of Rainbow Beach is located near the center of the north and south end of this beach. The waves are larger on one end of this beach, while the waves are much calmer on the southern end as it is protected by the headland. The southern end of this beach is the best place to go swimming. The other end has massive waves, currents, and rips, which makes swimming quite dangerous.

2. North Spit Beach

North Spit can be found at the northern end of Wide Bay Harbour. This beach is where the shoals connect with the coastline. Swimming is allowed at this beach, but you must be aware that lifeguards are not usually present. It is recommended that you only swim when the waves are low. If the waves start to get higher, or the tidal currents get stronger, you should exit the water and find another location for swimming.

3. Hook Point Beach

Swimming is generally okay at Hook Point. However, you must use caution when the waves start to get higher or the currents get stronger. There are no lifeguards at this beach, so you must make sure you use the buddy system when swimming. This beach can get busy from the nearby traffic of those riding the ferry from Inskip Point to Hook Point.

4. Poyungan Beach

Poyungan Beach is quite the popular beach, and while you can swim there, it is recommended you don’t unless you are an experienced surf swimmer. The rip currents are almost constant in the water off this beach and they are very long at two hundred meters. While you should be fine if you just swim right along the shoreline, venturing further out than that is best left to those who can swim in the rough waters.

5. Fairy Pools

The Fairy Pools Beach is actually four different beaches down in Noosa Heads. All these beaches are crowded throughout the year, but especially during the summer months. Thankfully with four different beach areas to choose from, you should be able to find the spot perfect for you if you arrive early enough.

6. Noosa Beach

One of the best beaches near Rainbow Beach is down in Noosa Heads. Noosa Beach is amazing when it comes to swimming, although you must make sure you are swimming in the main patrolled area, which is to the east of the groyne. There is a lifeguard station to the west of the groyne, but the water is usually much rougher there. The river mouth nearby might seem like a safe bet, but it can be unpredictable too. Therefore, you should stay away from that area unless you are a strong swimmer.

7. Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach is fifteen kilometers in length, and it is comprised of many beaches with each section having a different name. You can easily swim in any area of this beach, because most of it is patrolled by lifeguards every day of the year. If you do not see a lifeguard on duty, you may want to reconsider entering the water. The reason for this is there must be a very good reason why the lifeguard is not on duty at that point in time. There could be extremely rough waters or another situation where no one should be in the water at the moment. This beach is the furthest from the town of Rainbow Beach, but it is an excellent choice if you simply have not found your perfect beach yet in this part of the country.

These are the seven best swimming beaches in and around Rainbow Beach. While you can stick to the one closest to Rainbow Beach, if you have the time, you should check out some of the others. Doing so may mean you can have an extraordinary day that you might not have had anywhere else in the area.