Top Nighttime Activities in Port Macquarie for 2020

The sun might set over in Port Macquarie, Australia every night, but that doesn’t mean the fun and excitement of the day ends as well. There are so many things you can do at night in this charming old town. While you may want to try to cram them all into one or two nights, it is best to spread them out over a week and maybe extend your Port Macquarie holiday a little.

8 great nighttime activities in Port Macquarie

1. See How Smart You are During Trivia Night at Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge

Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge always has amazing drinks flowing, as well as thrilling entertainment. However, on Tuesdays, they offer trivia nights. You will find this bar at the Westport Club and it is the best place to check out your level of knowledge. Drink specials are offered during the two-hour long trivia fun, so you can check two things off your list in one night.

2. Take a Sunset Cruise on the Hastings River

You can walk along the Hastings River or take a boat ride on it during the day. But the best time to be on this river is when the sun is setting. The colors will change throughout the sky and you can see those colors sparkle in the waters below. The ship does serve drinks and snacks, so make sure you grab what you need before you head to the deck to watch the most brilliant part of the day.

3. Watch a Performance at the Port Macquarie Glasshouse

The Port Macquarie Glasshouse is a cultural masterpiece. Throughout the year, many different local and international shows are performed there. A few of the options include comedy acts, dance performances, and live theater. Once you know when you will be in Port Macquarie, you can check their website to see what is going to be on the stage when you are there on holiday.

4. Enjoy the Entertainment at the Port Macquarie Golf Club

Most people will venture over to this golf club during the day to play a round or two. If you wait until evening, you can simply enjoy the entertainment, as you dine on some of the best food in the town. This club can be found next to Lighthouse Beach, so the views during your dinner will be stunning.

5. Attend ArtWalk

ArtWalk is an arts festival that is only held once a year in Port Macquarie. This festival is normally held during the winter months, so you must find out the exact dates before you plan your holiday if you want to attend. When you are not exploring the museums and galleries, you will find yourself near all the pop-up street art and the numerous light installations. Music plays in the background and the food stalls scattered around make it possible for you to grab a bite to eat whenever you are hungry.

6. Eat a Romantic Dinner at One of the Local Restaurants

There are so many local restaurants in Port Macquarie, but not all of them will allow you to enjoy a romantic dinner at night. Choose the restaurant that serves the food you love or offers the views you want. You may even want to skip some of the romance and do a seafood dinner instead. The Whalebone Wharf fits all those requirements, so you might want to start there.

7. Walk Along the Shoreline

With all the different beaches in Port Macquarie, you can easily walk along a different shoreline every single night of your visit. While you may be tempted to stay close to your hotel room, it is recommended that you venture out to other beaches that are close by. You will be amazed at the different things you see at those other beaches. And you may even discover that your favorite daytime beach is completely different than your favorite nighttime beach!

8. Watch the Sunset from the Tacking Point Lighthouse

The Tacking Point Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in the entire country. This lighthouse was constructed back in 1879 and it is a wonderful place to visit to watch the sunset. While the daytime hours will bring dolphin and whale sightings, the evening hours bring the changing colors in the sky, as the sun dips lower and lower into the horizon.

These are eight of the top nighttime activities in Port Macquarie. You will find so many other things to do in Port Macquarie at night though, so you may want to leave a couple nights open. This will ensure you can enjoy the other nighttime activities you discover once you arrive.