Top Nighttime Activities in Noosa for 2020

Everyone who visits Noosa knows that there is plenty to do there during the daytime hours. However, not too many people are aware of how many options they have once the sun begins to set at night. Thankfully, visitors don’t give up at that time of the day, so they quickly realise how this town shines after dark.

If you are looking for a good time at night in Noosa, you will want to check out the top nighttime activities in the town.

Best things to do in Noosa at night

Spending a night out in Noosa is great for young or old, it also doesn’t have to cost a fortune as there are many free activities. Here are just a few things to keep you busy afterhours.

Wandering around Hastings Street

Yes, Hastings Street is one of the popular places to be during the day, because of all the shops that are there. But you will love wandering around this street at night too. It is at that time of the day when the bars perk up and get lively with all sorts of music. You can easily grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant before venturing into a bar for a few drinks. You may even want to consider doing a little bar hopping, so you can find your new favorite for when you are back in town in the future.

Have a romantic dinner on the beach

There is no rule that states you can only have fun on the beach during daytime hours. All the long stretches of sand on Noosa’s beaches are perfect for those romantic dinners. Simply pack a basket with your favorite foods and a blanket and head out to your favorite beach. The waves rolling in under the moonlight and shining stars will create quite the romantic ambiance. The best part is you will most likely have the entire beach to yourself, unlike many of the local restaurants.

Watch the sunset

There are so many places where you can watch the sun as it is setting in Noosa. One of the favorite spots though is the Noosa Hill Lookout. Most people will go to the lookout and then head out for a night on the town, so keep that in mind as you are planning your evenings in Noosa.

Go on a sunset cruise

If you are looking for a little more romance when the sun is setting, you can always choose to do a sunset cruise. Go down to the Noosa marina to board one of the boats for an hour and a half long cruise out on the water. There are a couple different cruise companies to choose from, so you should always be able to find an opening for the night you want to go.

Explore Sunshine Beach

Over near Sunshine Beach, you will find a few different bars, as well as the Surf Club. If you are spending all day at this beach, you must stay for a while longer to experience the nightlife. You can meet some wonderful people in this area and your night will be fun of fun. The best part is this area is only a few minutes from Noosa Head, so if you are staying there, you won’t be too far from your hotel when you are finally ready to retreat back to your room for the night.

Take a stroll on the boardwalk

Walking along the boardwalk as the sun is setting, or once the moon is higher up in the sky, is the perfect way to end any day in Noosa. You must keep an eye out for the sandcastle man as you are walking, because you never know where he will be creating sandcastles on any given night.

Walk alone the Noosa River

Down on the Noosa River, you will find an area called Gympie Terrace. This area is perfect for evening walks, because there are a few different bars and cafés located there. Those are perfect when you are looking for a drink or even a cup of coffee to help you unwind. If you happen to be in Gympie Terrace earlier in the evening, the locals recommend going over to the Yacht Club. The sunsets from there are spectacular and you can watch them while having a drink or two.

Take a latin dance class

You wouldn’t think that you could learn how to dance when you were visiting Noosa, but you can over at Bistro C on Hastings Street. On Wednesday nights, they offer Latin dance classes to those who want to learn, so grab your dancing shoes and take a lesson!

These are the top nighttime activities in Noosa, and they must all be on your list of things to do when you are vacationing there. If you happen to be short on time for your visit, you will want to prioritise which ones on this list are the most important to you. That will ensure you can at least check those items off during your visit.

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