Best Beaches for Swimming at Wollongong for 2020

There are seventeen different beaches in Wollongong, so you will always have some sand to sink your toes into during your holiday there. You may think that you must choose the beach located closest to your hotel or holiday house. But you can honestly do a little beach-hopping in this popular beachside destination. Doing that will allow you to determine which beach is your all-time favorite, so you can really enjoy your time in the sand and water as much as possible.

It is important to note that North Wollongong Beach is the only one that has lifeguards all year long. The rest of the beaches normally have lifeguards on duty from the beginning of September through the end of April.

Our pick of the top 9 swimming beaches

1. North Wollongong Beach

As mentioned above, North Wollongong Beach is the only beach in the town that has lifeguards year-round. This means it is probably the best beach for swimming in the area. However, those conditions also mean that this beach can get really crowded, especially during peak seasons. When you are done swimming at North Wollongong Beach for the day, you can head to the nearby restaurants to grab a bite to eat.

2. Bass Point Beach

Bass Point Beach is not as close to Wollongong as some of the other beaches. But it is an excellent place to swim if you are looking to see marine life at the same time. This beach is covered with stones, so you probably won’t spend much time lounging on a blanket in between time in the water.

3. Towradgi Beach

This stunning beach is located between a couple other beaches in Wollongong. Towradgi Beach is very popular with all the locals, so you may find it is crowded on school holidays and in the middle of the summer. You must swim between the flags when you are out in the water, because that is where it is deemed safe for all swimmers.

4. Corrimal Beach

There are plenty of surfers at Corrimal Beach, so you must be careful if you are entering the water for a swim. While you can swim at this beach, you will want to choose areas where surfers are not present. The nearby rock pools can be your plan b for swimming if you do not feel safe swimming with all the surfers at Corrimal.

5. South Beach

South Beach can be found down by the Wollongong Entertainment Centre. There are designated surfing and swimming areas at this beach, so you won’t have as many issues as you would at Corrimal Beach. There are not as many restaurants or other amenities close by this beach, so you will want to arrive prepared if you plan on staying for the entire day.

6. Windang Beach

Windang Beach is popular amongst families, mainly because it is close to many different types of accommodations. This is not the beach for you if you dislike crowds, but it may be worthy a visit if you go early in the day or later at night. When you are not swimming, kids can spend time on the playground, and everyone will love the barbecue areas.

7. Austinmer Beach

Austinmer Beach can be found off Lawrence Hargrave Drive. This beach is very small compared to some of the others in the area. But there are two large rock pools that you can swim in during your visit. It is not recommended to swim in the water outside those rock pools, because the waves and riptides cause treacherous conditions.

8. Stanwell Park Beach

This beach is near the Grand Pacific Drive, so you can easily stop at it as you are driving along. This beach offers plenty of space, as well as barbecue areas for those spending the entire day. Stanwell Park Beach is one of the beaches that are a little further from town, but it is worth the time away from the crowds that gather from all the different hotels and resorts.

9. Port Kembla Beach

Port Kembla Beach is one of the most prestigious beaches in all of Wollongong. The surf club overlooks this beach and it is common to see surfers out in the water. If you do not feel comfortable swimming out in the ocean, there is a pool over on the northern rocks. You can easily swim in that without the worry of surfers, sharks, or any other marine life.

These are the best swimming beaches in and around Wollongong. It is recommended that you check them all out during your stay, so you can say that you had the best time swimming in Wollongong. Of course, you can stick to the one closest to your accommodations, but that might mean swimming at a beach that is not as wonderful as some of the others.