Best Beaches For Swimming At Port Macquarie for 2020

Port Macquarie has at least seventeen beaches with many others in the surrounding area. All those beaches guarantee that you can find an amazing swimming beach when you are in the mood for some time in the water on your next Port Macquarie holiday.

While you could just choose one of the best swimming beaches in Port Macquarie, you may want to visit a couple of them before deciding which one you want to spend all day at.

Our pick of the top 8 swimming beaches

1. Flynn’s Beach

Flynn’s Beach is one of the all-time favorite swimming beaches in Port Macquarie. Once you add in the fact that it is quite family friendly, you must be prepared for it to be slightly crowded whenever you decide to visit. Lifeguards are always on patrol at this beach, so you can go swimming without worrying about anything. When you are tired of the sun, you can move into one of the shaded picnic areas. And if you forget to bring food and drinks, or you don’t bring enough, you can grab what you need from the snack bar.

2. Cathie’s Beach

Cathie’s Beach is another excellent swimming beach in Port Macquarie. While this is a wonderful swimming beach, it is only patrolled when there is a school holiday. That means you must be extra cautious if you are on holiday in Port Macquarie at another time of the year. You can use the picnic area, as well as the playground at any time during the year. The summer months bring even more fun though. That is when you will find inflatable slides and trampolines at this amazing beach.

3. Town Beach

Town Beach might be perfect for swimmers, but it is also perfect for surfers.  You can easily walk to this beach from the center of Port Macquarie. There is a picnic area, which is good when you want to spend the entire day in the sand and the water. You will also find lifeguards on this beach throughout the year.

4. Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is another beach that only has lifeguards during school holidays. While this is considered one of the best swimming beaches in Port Macquarie, you must use caution when you are there. The waves can be powerful and rip currents are common when you least expect them. You may only want to go swimming at this beach on days when the water is calmer.

5. Grant’s Beach

This is another swimming beach that is probably better known for its surfing. You will find this beach at the northern side of the Camden Haven River mouth. This beach is patrolled by lifeguards on the weekends throughout the summer. The rest of the time it is considered a swim at your own risk destination.

6. Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is surrounded by a lush rainforest. While you will originally want to spend the entire day at this beach, you will most likely be enticed into the forest for at least a few hours of your visit. This beach is on a natural tidal lagoon and there is a long stretch of soft sand for you to sit on or wander along. It is best to go swimming at this beach when the water is calm. The reason for this is there can be strong and dangerous rip currents not that far from the shoreline.

7. Pilot Beach

Pilot Beach is one of the best beaches for families with younger children or those who are not as good at swimming. This beach is located near the mouth of the Camden Haven River. Its location between two break walls ensures the waves are not as high. The only downside to swimming at this beach is that it is not guarded at all throughout the year.

8. Rainbow Beach

Getting to Rainbow Beach is as easy as heading over to Ocean Drive or going down to the surf club at Bonny Hills. The picnic area is by the latter, while there are no facilities at the former. Therefore, you may want to plan your arrival for a spot that will match the length of your stay. The water at this beach is fairly calm and lifeguards are present during all school holidays.

These are the eight best swimming beaches in and around Port Macquarie. Swimming is a great free holiday activity and perfect for kids when on holidays. It is recommended that you visit as many as possible and spend at least an hour or two at each one. That will allow you to determine which one is perfect for your all-day beach adventure in Port Macquarie.