Best Beaches for Swimming at Batemans Bay for 2020

Swimming is a popular activity in Batemans Bay and the rest of the country of Australia. However, during your visit, you must be aware that some beaches are better for swimming, while others are best for surfing.

You can easily visit all the beaches from your apartment or one of the many Batemans Bay holiday houses and find the one that you love the most, but when you know the best swimming beaches around Batemans Bay before you arrive, you will find the one you love best in a shorter amount of time. This will allow you to spend more time swimming at your favorite beach and less time beach-hopping to find the perfect beach.

There is something special about swimming in the ocean versus a sparkling clean swimming pool, so ditch the pool and explore these awesome beaches.

Our pick of the top 9 swimming beaches

1. Surf Beach Batemans Bay

You shouldn’t let the name of this beach fool you, because it is perfect for surfing and swimming. Surf Beach Batemans Bay is loved by locals and tourists alike. Its location of ten minutes from the center of town helps, because people do not need to travel too far to go swimming. Plus, this beach has lifeguards on duty during peak times. When you are not on the sand or in the water, you can enjoy a picnic on the grassy areas.

2. Bar Beach South

Bar Beach South is not directly in Bateman’s Bay. But it is nearby in Narooma. This is the best beach for swimming when you have little kids. The Wagonga Inlet creates a break wall that prevents major swells from entering the area. The on-site bathrooms and picnic areas ensure you can spend an entire day at this beach easily. The play equipment is perfect for when your kids get bored and want to do something other than swim or play in the sand.

3. Broulee Beach

Broulee Beach is to the south of Bateman’s Bay. This beach offers a long stretch of sand. Swimming is popular at this beach, but it is also an excellent option for surfers, snorkelers, and divers. If you have the time during your visit, you can venture out to Broulee Island for a little exploring.

4. Moruya Beach

Moruya Beach can be found right on the banks of Moruya River. While it may not check off your box of being right on the ocean, it is still a beach you should consider if you want to do a lot of swimming. You might even want to check out Shelly Beach when you are in the area. That is where the Moruya Heads Lookout is located.

5. Bingie Beach North

Bingie Beach North can be found down in the national park and it is worthy of the journey to get there. You can easily visit this beach when you are visiting the other Bingie landmarks. There are three other beaches in this national park, but Bingie Beach North is the best of them all when it comes to swimming.

6. Tuross Beach

You can easily camp or stay in a cabin near this beach, so you will want to keep that in mind for your next holiday near Batemans Bay. This beach is a little further than many of the others near Batemans Bay. But the activities that are available on and near this beach make it an excellent option. When you are not swimming out in the water, you can go boating, fishing, water skiing, and so much more.

7. Maloney’s Beach

Maloney’s Beach is approximately fifteen minutes from Batemans Bay. You will find this beach over near the Murramarang National Park. The rocks on the sides of the beach help keep the swells down. That makes it perfect for swimming and even a little snorkeling. The one downside to swimming at this beach is there are never any lifeguards on duty.

8. Malua Beach

Malua Beach is also approximately fifteen minutes from Batemans Bay. While many people visit this beach for surfing and fishing, it is also a perfect beach for swimming. This beach is only patrolled by lifeguards at certain times of the year, so you will want to use caution if no one is on duty when you are there. Kids will love the on-site playground, while you will love the nearby shops.

9. Mosquito Bay Beach

Mosquito Bay Beach is only about ten minutes from Batemans Bay. There are never any lifeguards on duty, so you must only enter the water to go swimming when the waves are low. If the waves appear to be too rough or high, then it is best to find another beach to swim at for the day.

These are the best swimming beaches in and around Bateman’s Bay. As you can see, there are many beaches to choose from. You should definitely check out a few of them before deciding which one is perfect for the rest of your Bateman’s Bay holiday.

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